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5 Keys to a Lasting Resolution

How many of you made a New Year’s Resolution?  I hope you have.  It’s truly empowering to accomplish something that challenges you.

Recently, I found a research article by Scranton University in the journal of Clinical Psychology showing 45% of people usually make a resolution, 17% infrequently, and 38% never make  resolution.  The accompanying Top 10 list showed weight loss as the #1 resolution.  UGH…We can all probably lose a few pounds.  But who among us will actually accomplish this goal? According to the research study, only a disappointing 8% are successful.  Although, I have to honestly admit, I haven’t hit that 8%,weight loss isn’t my #1 resolution (or goal, or challenge).

My challenge is….the computer. (Ask my family or web design folks!).

I realize now that my perception of failure in this field stems from expecting too much of myself, I wanted to know everything there is to do on a computer and remember it!!  Of course, I learned that goal is unrealistic. So, I took a computer class with that in mind.  Well…ultimately I was grateful just to learn how to make a document.  However, I also learned a few things about making resolutions from this process which I would like to share with you.

5 Keys to lasting Resolutions:

1.) Watch what you say.  The words we speak can hold us back.  “I can’t”, “I hate this thing”, “I always get sick this time of year”. Listen carefully to what you say to-and about-yourself.  My words about my lack of computer savvy just made me anxious.  And they just about made my computer a target for shooting practice.  Thank God it is too expensive to replace.

2.) Accomplish 1 resolution.  Zeroing in on one thing, with details on how you plan to make strides toward your goal is a good thing to do.  Attempting too much at once will only disappoint you.

3.) Anticipate setbacks.  You’ll probably have a bad day.  It’s okay.  Just walk away and refresh you mind. Remind yourself of your goals before you go to sleep, and the next morning, get back on your path.  It’s a new day!

4.) Reach out.  Talk with others.  Get some suggestions to help you or get connected to good people who can help you.  We all need support and more ideas are almost  always better.

5.) Start a journal.  Make a new habit of writing down your thoughts, feelings and ideas, particularly related to your resolution. Remember to always begin by first acknowledging what you’re grateful for.

Do you have a challenge? Make a resolution, you can do it.

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