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Eyes on You

Have you ever gone to your optical store and felt all those eye frames starring at you? Hundreds if not thousands of   frames to pick from.  A variety of colors, styles and frame shapes are glaring at you.  The experience can be overwhelming.

Glasses have become quite popular in the recent years.  They are an accessory that can be the “exclamation point to your style”.   For many they are the necessary accessory for visual needs. Purchasing a quality frame and lens is a worthwhile investment into yourself.  Most optical store technicians are helpful in finding you frames and addressing the fit of the frame on your face.   What they may not know is your style? What are your career needs, your brand? And what color is most flattering on your skin type. I would like to offer you some tips prior to going to the optical store.  You may find this information useful in feeling more confident picking out your next frames.

1.)        Color is foundational to your image. You are either warm tone or cool tone.  Warm tones are brown, orange, gold, or bronze frames. Cool tones will look good in black, grey, or silver frames.

2.)        Style is unique to each person.  It isn’t a one size fits all concept.  I consider your personality, career goals, features, and how you want to be perceived.

3.)        Face shape. Look in the mirror and take note of your facial features:  hairline, eyebrows, and nose. Are your eyes close together or set wider apart. Consider how you wear your hair.  Smile! The goal is to balance your face with a frame choice that’s complimentary. For example, if you have a round face do not choose round frames. If your face shape is square then avoid a square frame. Repeating a facial feature isn’t what we want to do.

4.)        Quality frames and lenses.

Comfort is key in selecting frames.  Some of the plastic frames can feel heavy on your face. Another thing to consider is if you like nose pads or not. Do you like frameless or a partial frame?  I find a full frame will frame the eyes and bring out the color of your eyes.

5.)        Sunglasses.  Everyone needs sunglasses.  These frames can be a little larger on your face if you find a pair that you really like.  If you wear glasses 50% of the time consider a second pair.

I hope these tips are useful to you as you prepare to purchase glasses. No need to feel overwhelmed in the optical store.

Yours in style,

Kathy Sazama

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