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Glasses...a point of interest.

Did you know that your glasses are a point of interest? Glasses can be seen as a “historical” marker or popular or amazing!  As I travel around I find peoples choices of glasses interesting.  I particularly enjoy those glasses that look amazing for the person wearing them.  They gave some thought to their purchase and the frames compliment their style.  In writing this I hope to encourage all of you to take a carful look at your glasses.  First, for your eye  health,  have you had your eyes examined?  Be honest with your self are your frames dated? Are the color of your glasses flattering?   I like to help coordinate your occupation, color, face shape, and style.  Lets face it glasses are a necessary accessory for many people. Why not pick a pair that make a statement just for you!  Just give a call.  I appreciate working with Vision Source Specialists (605.399.3937) as they are excellent with fit and quality lenses.

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