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It starts with the “D”

I talk about 1st impressions being the A B C D’s of your image.   Appearance, Behavior, Communication, and Digital message.  in todays world your image really begins with the D, followed by A B & C.  These days, the digital connection happens before you meet face to face-and often a judgement about you is made before you’ve ever met.

For example…Let me introduce you to my granddaughter, Socora Jade Stoner born on 6/7/2017.  It was an interesting delivery that can best be told by her parents, Amy & Ryan, but I would describe the experience as exciting, stressful, humorous, and sweet.

Socora’s first introductions to the world were made by her digital imprint at just 10 weeks- in-utero.  What an impression she made!  For the following 26 weeks we would observe her grow and change.  The clarity of eyes, nose, fingers and toes became more obvious as each week progressed.  The ultrasound even provided information on size, and details about her health and wellbeing.  Finally she arrived on a Wednesday afternoon.

This amazing picture is from the technology of GE’s ultrasound.  Isn’t it amazing that we can see life so clearly, so early on ?! GE, you are amazing in what you can reveal!

Digital impressions are important from a professional standpoint too.  Consider this; In September of 2015, the Society for Human Resources management reported that 65% of hiring individuals was done by some form of Social Media.  Welcome to the world of technology, where connections are made before face to face meetings ever occur – or before new faces are even born!

so you see the digital imprint is quite profound.  Each and every one of us leave a message about who we are. All the social media avenues reveal what we think, believe, what we do, and what we look like.  What message are you giving the world about you?

Tips to polish you online presence:

  1. Your Photo – Take a professional picture if you are in business. A professional head shot is more appealing that a selfie.

  2. Choose Quality Media Platforms – LinkedIn is a great social media site to be on.  It is truly your professional resume, so be sure to treat it as such.  According to the Society for Human Resources management, 57% of people were hired from LinkedIn, and 19% from Facebook.

  3. Be mindful about what you post. – Your views, your attitude, and your beliefs come through whatever you put out there.  Potential job opportunities can be made or broken based on these perceptions.   Recently a client of mine was let go from her position.  The reason was they discovered that she was on facebook numerous times during the work day.

Clearly your on line presence is very important.  what message do you want to give others?

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