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Keeping your enthusiasm while reaching your goals

Ever wondered why you lose steam on your journey to reaching your goals?  I get so frustrated at myself when my enthusiasm for a goal I want to hit dwindles.  Obstacles and challenges that came up along the way make it difficult.  I know it happens to all of us.  Success or failure it is what we do about it.

Recently I was on a trip to CA with my family.  We planned our day and knew approximately the travel time it would take.  A great day visiting quaint communities like Salvong, CA.  The Danish pancakes at the local restaurant where amazing I might add.  Then onto some wonderful wineries in the area.  A few challenges occurred along the way.  California had 20 inches of rain in the last month.  No longer dealing with drought conditions but instead flooding and rock/mud slides.  In addition to those issues some places were having power outages.  Unfortunately, some of the wineries had no power. Wine sampling was possible but with a very different ambience.  After a few samplings it was time to head for our final destination, my sons home in Clovis, CA.  Our trip was calculated at just over an hours drive.  Unfortunately with flooding conditions the roads were closing and traffic was diverted to where ever. The re-routes were beautiful along  narrow winding roads.  Slow moving and what was to be an hour and a half drive home turned into a 4 hour trip.  We were so ready to get out of the car by the end of the day.

This trip is so like life.  You may have plans for what you want to have happen but as you know life throws detours along the way.  Some of you will get discouraged and quit.  Some will acknowledge the problems and make adjustments.  Sometimes we make adjustments but lose enthusiasm.  Therefore just going through the motions and not nearly as active to accomplish the goal. I recently listened to a speaker talk about goal setting.  The speaker discussed how goals need strategies for overcoming the obstacles we encounter.  Everyone needs to find a strategy that works for them to not only reach their goal but to keep  enthusiasm up during the process. Here is my suggestion that works for me.  Break down the goal into increments of things to accomplish.  Every accomplishment gets  rewarded.  It doesn’t mean spending a lot of money but doing things that make you feel good along the way. Recognize what you have done and not criticize, condemn or complain at what you didn’t do.  For example I reward my self with a coke or maybe a glass of wine when I complete a task.  I try to watch my attitude and not get negative in my self talk.  Silly perhaps  but it works for me.  Maybe it might work for you.  Give it some thought…..What kind of strategy do you need?

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