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Tips for the Professional Business Traveler

Many positions require travel.  Finding ways to be organized and efficient are key.  Here are a few:

1.) Look at your week and think about the situation your will be going into.  Consider the people you will be interacting with.  It will play a part in your wardrobe planning.

2.) Check the weather, plan accordingly.

3.) If you attend different locations during the week, the wardrobe can be conservatively managed.  Some pieces can be worn several times (Not your undies!).

4.) Mix and match your clothes to get the most use.

5.)  Ladies, jewelry and accessories for certain outfits are nicely stored in a see through zip lock baggies.  Panty hose can be packed and stored that way too.  Each out fit you wear has its baggy with matching accessories. 

6.) Organize your bag so important things have a “home”.

7.) Recommend a roller briefcase for men and women.  Save your jackets and tops from wear and tear and wrinkles. And your back!  I personally do not think back  packs are professional looking but do what works for you.

8.) Keep your personal care items (travel size) in a separate bag within your luggage.  It has its “home”, easy access and leave this in your bag all the time.  Just keep replenished as needed.

9.) Keep cords, charger and ect. in a special spot in your bag.  Travel items always.  Don’t leave them in the hotel or at home!

10.) Finally….Be a list maker.  People who make lists and mark them off usually get stuff done.

Happy Travels!! Be confident, care about yourself, and be courteous to others.

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