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Your phone time affects your appearance

Imagine the excitement of planning a trip to Disney World! Anticipating Mickey, Minnie, and all the fun and sun! Suitcases packed for this dream come true. Recently, I took a trip to Orlando Florida. The gate at the airport was full of people waiting for the departure. It was rather noisy as announcements were calling for individuals to check in. Gates were boarding flights and zones were being called. I had an interesting experience as I waited for my flight to board. Observing people around me that were on their phones or devices.

The children were also consumed on their tablets reading or playing games. Little to no interaction was going on with one another. No friendly pleasantries, no smiles that say hello, just total absorption into an electronic device. This scenario is not new. Many of you would agree with this picture. Are we connecting with the world and disconnecting from people? Here is a good article I would encourage you to read on overuse of electronic devices. Consider how your image is being perceived. Are you present with others? Connecting and relating to others is a very important piece to your image. I will suggest a few things to assist you as you think about how you desire to be perceived.

Keep in Mind...

1. Appearance Matters

How fun to dress for a trip to Disney! I encourage you to know your style and enjoy your uniqueness. The more you know and understand about yourself provides a more confident you.

2. Be Present. Observe and learn from engaging with others. Put your phone away and tune into others. Allow yourself time to be in the moment.

3. Practice Patience, Relax & Breathe

Be aware of yourself and others. Sometimes we are anxious and focused on ourselves.

4. The universal language

Smile. Someone needs a smile from you today. You never know what people are dealing with.

5. Ask questions and be a good listener People like to share about themselves. I appreciate learning about others and what they do.

Image tips:

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