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About Kathy Sazama

For Kathy Sazama of Rapid City, SD, style and substance have always been equally important. She was born in California but raised in the Midwest, where her parents instilled strong values into her upbringing. Kathy learned the importance of family; a strong work ethic; and entrepreneurship. Her parents both served customers in the cosmetology business- so from her childhood, Kathy was immersed in the world of beauty and style.

Also from a young age, Kathy was fascinated by interpersonal relationships. Her professional career began as a licensed marriage and family therapist. She prided herself on working with various individuals and business to help resolve conflict and find ways to function effectively.

In the ’90s, Kathy became curious about how image affected people’s perceptions. She began training and received certifications in image consulting. She enjoyed working with professionals on problem-solving issues within their companies and helping them recognize that their image was vital to promoting their businesses. Image consulting offered the perfect mix of style and substance, and Kathy was hooked.

It’s Kathy’s belief that if you look good and present yourself well, your professionalism will shine. This will earn you respect and value in other people’s eyes, bolstering not only your business’ reputation, but your own self-esteem. In 2015, Kathy began consulting for Vision Source Specialists in Rapid City. Kathy believes that choosing glasses is the perfect chance to show your personality and brand to the world.

Each year, Kathy receives more training in image consulting - which focuses on brand development, personal style and interaction skills. She also became certified in corporate image consulting and men’s wear in 2015. She regularly provides education and training to college students and private businesses on professional dress, business etiquette, body language and communication.

She and her husband, George live in Rapid City, SD. Together, they raised three beautiful children and now enjoy their grandchildren. Besides her work, her family is her top priority.

“By helping others with their image, I believe they can gain the edge in our competitive world. The more you know and understand about your personal style, the more confidence and success you will have in pursuing your dreams,” said Kathy


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