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What is appropriate dress for business women?

It's hard to know. We're influenced by peers, media, and our professional roles. I recently sat in on a round table discussion with a diverse group of women discussing whether or not to wear pantyhose. After one woman reached out to a large law firm on the west coast for feedback, it was reported many women in the firm chose bare legs. I found myself having a strong reaction in defense of putting forth a professional image. My experience is that sometimes women get hung up on what to wear because they feel they are being told what they have to wear. You can wear whatever you choose! I do, however, think it's worthwhile to consider the psychology of your image. Research tells us that the brain makes 11 decisions about us in the first few seconds of an interaction. Why not use this information to make an educated decision about your wardrobe?

Tips for Appropriate Dress

1. Panty Hose finish the look. It’s always appropriate. Wearing panty hose bumps you up a level. 2. The more skin you show the less professional you look. 3. How you dress depends on your professional industry - and it sends a message. What message do you want to send?

4. The guide for lengths of skirts or dresses is two fingers above the knee or two fingers below the knee. 5. Navy Blue is always a good safe color for business 6. Makeup, glasses, and hairstyles can date you. 7. Good quality undergarments are foundational for comfort and looks.

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