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“To Beard or Not to Beard”……That is your Question?

Updated: 5 days ago

Beards are popular these days!  The question  is however,  is it a good idea in your profession?

I observe many styles of beards, some are attractive and well groomed.   Some look ratty, stinky and just plain nasty! (In my opinion).

There are some interesting studies on beards and mustaches over the years.  Trendy styles that date back to the late 1800’s to present day.  Popularity of mustaches in the 20’s to goatees in the 90’s, and stubbles and full beards currently.  Beards can also be associated with age, maturity, and manhood.  Some other studies discussed the psychology of beards.

1.)           Facial hair can present a more aggressive message.

2.)           During a job interview it could send a message of “think outside the box”.

3.)           Men can feel more assertive.

4.)           Some women find men more  manly with a beard.

If you desire to grow facial hair, there is great information online about wear and care of beards.

I propose some important considerations if you choose to have a beard.   What does your industry say about beards?  Is your career more conservative? As an image consultant, I want to choose a style that flatters your face. I consider your face shape and features, as beards done well can balance your face.  For example, an oblong face wearing a long beard can give the illusion of more length to your face. This is not necessarily the look that will flatter your face.

I recently worked with a gentlemen that had bad acne scars on his face.  He chose to have a full beard to cover those scars.  His beard was nicely groomed to accomplish a great look.  This grooming effort made him feel more confident and comfortable with himself.

Your personal style may or may not desire a beard.  Whatever the case, beards groomed and styled can give balance and compliment the face.

Keep in mind, facial hair is a trend not a rule. I recommend getting professional input on how to wear your beard,  so you look and feel confident about your image.  Above all, be a good groomer of yourself!

To Beard or not to Beard…’s your decision!

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