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What is YOUR online image

Updated: 4 days ago

Your online image impacts your reputation

More than ever before we will be interacting online. I am flooded with emails and other social media sites promoting someones business. Being confined to home has mixed reviews. A forced interaction with the family, time to slow down and spend time together. What a concept. I hear appreciation for teachers as “home schooling” is not so easy. Now is the time to take advantage of what is out there. Courses, education, group chats, movies.

Never have I experienced such intense emotions and attitudes. The negativity saddens my heart. I think it is important to be sensitive to others but also recognizing how you are feeling. What triggers you? Who or what is influencing you? What steers you to believe as you do? Discover what helps to calm you and feel safe. Get centered and not full of fear and animosity during this difficult time. How many of you have gone on Facebook and have been disappointed in the responses to subject matter that is controversial? Find yourself rolling your eyes, angry, and now having an attitude toward someone that you disagree with. Facebook as well as other social media sites offer a wealth of information, both good and not so good.

I call myself an Image Mentor. What you wear, how you act, and your attitude gives a powerful first impression. I feel it is timely to give suggestions on how to make a good impression while working at home.

1.) Get up in the morning and get dressed and ready for the day. It is so easy to get side tracked when you don’t have to leave the house.

2.) Make a to do list so you feel productive. Plan your week. You control your calendar vs the calendar controlling you.

3.) I chose to take a break from all social media. Its been the best thing and a time saver. If you do go on social media, I encourage you not to “rant” on social media, instead, get busy doing and acting pro-actively on causes that you feel strongly about. If you’re a business person don’t alienate people. It could result in lost business.

4.) If you do have a cause you feel strongly about then join a group and discuss solutions.

5.) Writing is part of your image. The font, spelling, and grammar. It all gives an impression of you.

6.) If your interviewing for a job, you might want to be mindful of the pictures you post and the things you say on social media. All of that is being judged. Utilize Linked in to promote yourself and what you do. It is a good business site.

7.) Who do you follow and get information from? Take a good look and evaluate if the information they offer is helpful. Finding a good mentor takes time. Check the fruit on their tree.

This is an important time. I believe it is a time to self reflect, better yet hit the refresh button and determine what is important to you? What do you value? What are your goals? Start living and doing what reflects the person you want to be.

Booking a Style Consultation is a great way to build confidence in yourself. As always I am available to help you pull it together to present your personal best. Email me at or to schedule yours!

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