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Define, Refine, and Align your Image

Define, Refine, and Align

Would you agree, this has been an interesting 2020?

Have any of you found “working at home” a positive? Or has this situation caused you to feel down and boxed in?

I have concluded that those of you introverts may love the experience of being home and away from others. Then there are those of us that are extroverts that have been feeling isolated and boxed in.

Those of us extroverts look for any excuse to get out and get around people. In my house, I am the first to jump at the opportunity to go get groceries, gas for the car, or get the mail. Anything to get outside and around other people. Then there is my spouse whom I consider introverted. He loves being home with no interruptions from others. He is a good worker, and I am certain he gets a lot done. We are very opposite and handle this pandemic with different perspectives.

This time at home can allow for self-reflection. Looking at what you are doing? What are your goals? Are you happy with where you are at in life? Perhaps a new job is in the works and you want to interview well. This is a great time to re-evaluate you and work on your personal best.

I want to share with you about Image. That is Define, Refine and Align. It is an inside out journey.

Define-Lets begin with deciding a word that you would like to be known for. Ask yourself “if you were to enter a room of people, what would you like them to say about you?” Meditate on that word to breath freshness into your soul.

Refine- Take this definition to the next level. This is where an Image consultant can help you with your style, colors, and overall presentation.

Appearance is important because we know from research that within seconds you are being judged. Get your look right.

Then consider your behavior as you interact with others. If you wonder about how people perceive you, ask 10 people (friends and trusted acquaintances) to give you feedback on how they experience you.

When we interact with others its helpful to know how you communicate. We communicate verbally and non-verbally.

And finally look at your presence on social media. Check out the various platforms you are on and how much time you spend on them. Note that people can judge you by what you post, picture, and respond to. For example, education level, political views, sexuality, and financial to mention a few. Make sure it is what you want to be know for.

Align-Your personal best is an inside out process. Take all the information and look it, feel it, talk it, be it. Commit to growing and developing your personal best.

Yours in Style,

Kathy Sazama

“Helping others to understand themselves and develop confidence to be successful in whatever they do


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