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What defines you?

Updated: 5 days ago

Does your past? A negative belief? Facebook? other social media? Ads? Magazines? All these are influences that can be overwhelming and leave you discouraged. These things can cultivate thoughts like “I don’t look that good”, “my family is not all perfect”, “How does one compete with that?” or “I’m not good enough”. Ugh! Not positive. Unfortunately, we let other influences define us. It happens rather subtly because we are surrounded by it all the time. The good news is we can define ourselves. I would like to suggest specific things that could make a difference.

Here are a few suggestions to assist you in defining the person you choose to be.

1.) Be intentional about who you want to be known for and present. Take a moment and think about words that are meaningful to you. Write them down. 2.) Choose a meaningful word that you want to describe yourself. For example, if you walk into a room, what’s the message you want to portray? Every year I believe it’s good to choose a word that you want to be known for. 3.) Be conscience dressing in ways that reflect your chosen word. Pick colors that flatter you. 4.) Your communication and online presence must also reflect what you want to be known for. The font we use, the grammar and punctuation leave an impression of you. 5.) Speech and body language also give a message about you. 6.) Consider those things that influence you. How much time do you spend on Social Media? Perhaps cut the time in half and read a good book. 7.) Evaluate who you follow and get emails from. Maybe it’s a good time to unsubscribe to some of those. I hate having a hundred emails from every store or website I looked at or ordered something from. Who said I needed 5 email messages from certain stores every day!!

I hope these suggestions will be helpful to you.

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