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Are you an Alluring or Magnetic Style?

This months style from the 7 Universal Styles is Alluring/Magnetic

It is a style that can quickly catch your eye. When they walk into the room their appearance oozes a sensuous, exciting look. Form fitting clothes and the way they move their bodies draws attention. It’s that sexy charming look that creates a buzz! Unfortunately, this style can be misconstrued as only desiring physical connection; in reality the underlying motivation may also include the desire to engage or connect emotionally with others.

Outer Essence: The Alluring style projects a glamorous image and is characterized by a body conscious look. The entire appearance is sensuous, uninhibited, exciting and gives the impression of comfortableness with ones body. Both men and women can have this style.

Inner Essence: This style has an internal desire to charm and attract others, to influence their behavior and elicit a response. Communication is through movement. The message is self-assured, compelling and flirtatious.

CAUTION: In various settings, particularly business , I caution the message you send out. This look carries a strong sexual message. Because of that, you can be perceived as less sophisticated and get negative reactions. Be mindful of how you want to be perceived.

These designer apparel brands may be a good fit for Alluring / Magnetic: Bebe, Christian Louboutin, Dolce & Gabbana, Guess, Kardashian Collection, Nicole Miller, Roberto Cavali, Rock & Republic, Victoria’s Secret

Keep in mind : Clothing styles are typically a combination. Take the time to know your core style and identify the accent styles that best suit you. As I continue sharing the rest of the styles I hope you gain some insight into your style. Booking a Style Consultation is a great way to build confidence in yourself. As always I am available to help you pull it together to present your personal best. Email me at or visit to schedule your consultation.

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