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I was not made to be subtle - Dramatic Style

I was not made to be subtle - Dramatic Style

The person who walks in the door and has a striking presence. Their boldness draws attention as they enter the room. They have an air of sophistication.

This style is the Dramatic.

If you have been following my styles over the past several months we are now at the final accent style. Dramatic. Each of the styles has its own unique power and message. For the Dramatic style it projects a powerful image through its appearance of an in-control, confident individual.

Outer Expression: This is a striking bold look. It is a highly structured style that has an architectural quality to it. The clothes are geometric, with sharp angles bearing little or no relationship to a persons figure/physic. This look is most appropriate for urban areas, high-profile corporate executives and those in fashion or entertainment industries. The limitation of this style is that it may appear extreme for a conservative business. Sometimes they can be perceived as unapproachable or intimidating.

Inner Essence: The Dramatic woman and man embodies strength and power with a strong desire to be the designer of their own destiny. They are assertive, confident, and having a “larger than life” energy. Their charismatic personality and ambitious goals tempered with heart and compassion can do great and positive good.

These designer apparel brands may be a good fit for Dramatic Styles: Prada, Max Mara, Tom Ford, Acne Studio, Theory, and Fendi

Keep in mind : Clothing styles are typically a combination. Take the time to know your core style and identify the accent styles that best suit you.

As I continue sharing the rest of the styles I hope you gain some insight into your style.

Booking a Style Consultation is a great way to build confidence in yourself. As always I am available to help you pull it together to present your personal best. Email me at or visit to schedule yours!

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