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Romantic Style

Are you the caring, compassionate, and empathetic type?

This month we will look at the Romantic style. It is the first of the non-classic styles.

These people are the great listeners. They are the person you can always rely on to help others. Their care and support is genuine. They have a non-threatening demeanor. They invite cooperation, not opposition or

conflict. They have a way of putting people at ease and opening up communication. Their sentimental nature is pleasant and spending time with them is enjoyable. For women, they are best defined as feminine and supportive. The Romantic man is supportive and gentlemanly.

Outer Essence: For the romantic woman: She presents with a soft and innocent look. Her style of clothing is detailed and flows gracefully over her body. She may like the Victorian Era. She dresses appropriately. The Romantic man: His look is a more relaxed, less structured style. He projects that supportive image. His clothing is light and fluid. Summertime is great as he likes the summer leisure activities, and warmer climates.

Inner Essence:

The inner Essence of a Romantic is a caring, compassionate nature directed towards others. There is an internal desire to protect, support, be of service and involved with people, especially the young, elderly and infirm. They easily respond to personal feelings and the needs of others.They are relational and values family, friends, and co-workers.

These designer apparel brands may be a good fit for Romantic Styles:

J Crew, Kate Spade, Ted Baker, Anne Fontaine, Club Monaco, Nanette Lepore, Oscar de la Renta.

Keep in mind : Clothing styles are typically a combination. Take the time to know your core style and identify the accent styles that best suit you. As I continue sharing the rest of the styles I hope you gain some insight into your style. Booking a Style Consultation is a great way to build confidence in yourself. As always I am available to help you pull it together to present your personal best.

Email me at or visit to schedule yours!

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