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MindFULLness...Do you think of this word in a positive way? I have and I do. BUT…a little play on words changed the meaning for me. Have you ever felt overwhelmed with all the social media apps out there? Do you wonder if your profile presents well? Do they communicate what you want? Do you worry if they look professional? My mind is full of concerns in how to effectively present and promote myself positively on social media. 

For the past few years I have put energy and effort into the social media realm. I know it is valuable to make use of it to promote ones business. The problem is I have struggled to effectively utilize several of the media sources and to do them well. I find the lack of how to leaves me feeling inadequate and frustrated. Another issue that I see hindering progress with social media iscomparison. Observing others efforts and comparing their social media skills to yours, can leave one feeling inadequate. I think that sometimes we compare our worst attribute with others best attributes. Comparison kills confidence.

The digital world can be a place of comparison. There are many creative and talented people out there. Their websites look great and they market themselves well in all the different apps. From writing styles, to pictures, to sales, they stand out. One can find them selves in a state of discontent wondering if your social media efforts are impressive or not. Emails, tweets, Instagram, and Facebook are all constant reminders.

For example, have you ever viewed facebook to see that perfect person, with their perfect family, and their perfect marriage? Wow to have it all! One of my favorite celebrities is Joanna Gaines from the Fixer Upper TV show. I’m pretty certain I have watched hundreds of Chip and Joanna’s shows. Those amazing transformations of homes into beautiful dwellings. Tears of joy an amazement are the reaction to the new home owner. Joanna is incredibly gifted with the ability to design and create such beauty. She is physically beautiful and has a lovely family and spouse. Her business success is evident across social media. She is a tough act to follow for sure! I’m sure she has tapped into various resources to promote her business.

Awareness is good if it helps to bring perspective to where your strengths and deficiency’s are in the social media world. It can be a wakeup call to reprioritize what is important to you. Perhaps to motivate you to make changes that are good for you. Refocus, redefine, and rid of negative thinking. Stop comparing yourself to others and take back your confidence. Decide how you can be “mindful” of your social media and not mindFULL.

Here are my tips: 1. How much time are you spending on social media sites? Time limit yourself. 2. Make a list of your accomplishments. Circle the top three you are proud of. 3. Take one thing (social media) that you want to be good at and spend time to do it well. 4. Hire someone to help you. Let those who are gifted in certain areas enhance those things you are not good in. Recognize it is an investment into your business. 5. Ease your mind by acknowledging your gifting and not comparing yourself to others. A tip for you: Your eye frames and the boots you wear are great accessories that can accentuate your style. In the months to follow I will talk about boots and style.

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