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You are Judged…. In 7 seconds or less

Something amazing happens……in 7 seconds or less! Like it or not you are being judged.  First impressions can be positive or negative.  Hopefully it’s  positive but the point is Image matters. In a 2009  research study by the Natural Neuroscience, they  found that the brain makes 11 decisions  about a person on the initial encounter.

Image is your appearance, behavior, communication, and digital presence.  I am going to focus on communication.  There are 3 things I believe are important for anyone who strives to be a good communicator.  1.) Listening.  Pay attention to detail and get the whole picture.  Understand the content and then draw your conclusion. 2.) Trust.  Do what you say your going to do.  And what ever you do don’t gossip!! You will lose credibility real fast and its hard to earn trust back.  3.) Be Authentic.  Take time to get to know others and have a heart.

Many of you are leaders at work, at home, or in your community.  I challenge you to work on being a better communicator and go make a difference.

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